What We Do

Our main objective is to eye test school children in some of the poorest areas of Kenya and Malawi and provide them with prescription glasses if required.

From our own clinic locations, we engage with the local education departments to identify the schools that would require our eye screening program, then deal with the schools directly. Headteachers are met and the benefits of our services are explained. Parents are then contacted to give their permission for their children to be screened and they are also contacted if their children require glasses. In some special cases. medicines will also be provided. Some children have also been referred for cataract surgery, which has been part-funded by Sight Aid International, and some additional sponsors.

Both these projects are funded within the UK. The Nairobi clinic is sponsored by Strathclyde Pharmaceutical’s, an East Kilbride pharmaceutical company. All other funds are raised through a series of fundraising events throughout the year. If you would like to get involved with fundraising for Sight Aid International then contact us for some fundraising ideas.