The majority of the funds raised for Sight Aid International are used directly for the international projects. With no salaries being paid in the UK and all board members and volunteers acting on a voluntary basis, then any money raised for the international projects WILL be spent on the international projects.

If you are interested in taking part in a fundraising challenge, then here is just a sample of our fundraising ideas:

Race Night

One of the main fund raising events that we have consistently used in Sight Aid International. This can be a great social and family orientated event. Money raised will depend on the number attending, with a charge for entry tickets, money raised from races, raffles and games, a race night can raise anywhere between £500 to £2000. If you decide to arrange your own bar service, this can add additional income.

Rock & Roll Bingo

Another hugely popular and entertaining event. Based on the concept of bingo, but instead of numbers on your card, the grid is made up of songs. A track is played with snippets of songs which are then crossed of your bingo card until there is a winner. Money raised will depend on the number attending, with a charge for entry tickets, money raised from the sale of bingo cards, raffles and games. A Rock & Roll Bingo night can raise anywhere between £500 to £1500. Again, your own bar service will increase this.

Themed Quiz Night

Quiz nights are always great fun. Why not try something different by adding a theme to it? We have done this by organising a “70’s Quiz show night”. We based it around game shows from our childhood and created small sets that were incorporated into the game and encouraged everyone to dress up. This was great fun and everyone really got into it. We raised over £1200 at our night.

Bag Pack

Nice and simple. Contact your local supermarket to see if you can have a Saturday or Sunday to arranging a bag packing day. Gather some volunteers to assist with this and try and choose a large supermarket with many tills. This will increase the monies raised.

Fun Run

A popular way of raising money. There are many different events throughout the year that can used for fundraising. You can download a sample sponsorship form by clicking here.

We can also give you tips on how to make your event a success and how to register yourself for MyDonate.